We designed Hive from the ground-up to bring hiring into one place, so franchises can hire more people faster.

Featuring time-saving tools like text messaging, interview calendars and analytics, Hive is the first applicant tracking software that intelligently optimizes your job advertising campaigns so you can attract more great candidates.

The brief

Recruiting candidates for your growing franchise can be a challenge. You're juggling dozens of candidates, keeping spreadsheets up to date whilst simultaneously trying to attract new talent. As organized as you are, it's tough to stay on top of best practices developed in the network and run your marketing campaign effectively.

This all changed when we designed and built Hive- the first applicant tracking software created for franchises that  adjusts your marketing campaigns to attract more of the candidates you're looking for and gives you insights into how you're performing in the network.

Making it easier to recruit candidates faster

We started with a mission: transform an outdated method of organizing candidates centered around spreadsheets, and move it online. We had to make it customized to our client's business, ultra-secure, and easy to use so recruiters can get up and running within minutes.

So we created a super simple user experience that made managing candidates as easy as ordering an Uber.

Hive is fast, easy, designed with data privacy in mind and automatically optimizes a franchise's recruitment marketing campaigns on social media to attract more of the candidates they are looking for. Plus, we created built-in analytics to give recruiters an at-a-glance overview of their performance and insights from the network. Now, recruiters can claim back their time and receive the insights they need to manage recruitment campaigns effectively.

We expanded Hive with integrations

Within two weeks of launch, more than one hundred franchises signed up and were already seeing the time-saving impact of Hive. Next, we developed an API allowing Hive to integrate with other tools and tracking software, including SugarCRM, Fountain, SmartRecruiters and ApplicantStack. With Hive's integrations, candidate information is kept up to date and requires no manual entry- eliminating human errors.

What's next?

Hive is used by more than 100 franchises and continues to evolve. We've listened to our users and added time-saving features like built-in text messaging and calendar sync. Hive is the foundation of our recruitment marketing campaigns, and it's ability to seamlessly integrate with a myriad of existing applicant tracking tools means it's as versatile as it is powerful.

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