Home Instead, Oxford

Challenged by a limited candidate pool from traditional job boards, our goal was to diversify and expand our client's reach. Through a targeted social media campaign, employing localised photography and compelling copywriting, we focused on attracting ex-nurses and empty nesters aged 35-55. This innovative approach resulted in an impressive 80% increase in care professional applicants and a 77% boost in hires within just three months, simultaneously reducing application costs by 40%.

Client Overview:

  • Client Name: Home Instead, Oxford
  • Industry: Home Care Services
  • Key Challenge: Over-reliance on job boards, leading to a homogeneous pool of candidates, and a need to attract Care Professionals with diverse backgrounds and experiences.


  • Broaden the candidate reach beyond traditional platforms.
  • Target specific demographics: ex-nurses and empty nesters aged 35-55.
  • Increase the number of care professional applicants and hires.
  • Reduce the cost per application through effective marketing strategies.

Strategies and Execution:

  1. Social Media Campaign: Developed a focused social media campaign using a mix of emotive copywriting and localised photography to appeal to the target demographic.
  2. Localised Photo and Video Shoots: Invested in local shoots to create relatable and authentic content for Facebook, Instagram, and Instagram Stories.
  3. Ad Variety and Testing: Ran 6-10 different ads simultaneously, constantly evaluating to identify the most effective ones.
  4. Retargeting Campaign: Implemented a retargeting strategy to re-engage individuals who showed interest but did not apply, using varied messaging.


  • Applicant Increase: Achieved an 80% increase in Care Professional applicants in the first three months.
  • Hiring Boost: Saw a 77% rise in care professional hires within the same period.
  • Cost Efficiency: The retargeting campaign led to a 40% reduction in the cost per application.

Client Testimonial:

Growth Alliance leads care professional recruitment on social media. Their relentless pursuit of perfection ensures they are always gaining a competitive edge. We are now receiving more and better-qualified inquiries, successfully filling our induction courses with highly motivated potential care professionals.”

- John Kirk Oner, Home Instead Oxford

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