Analytics & measurement

Make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Data doesn't have to be overwhelming.  That's why our Strategists give you actionable, coherent insights: not empty buzzwords and obscure jargon. We'll dig deeper to uncover what your customer data really means, and how best to use it to grow revenue.

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Higher ROI

Companies that use data to drive their marketing decisions see an average 20% increase in ROI.

Source: McKinsey & Company
  • Audits & implementation

  • Paid Search

    We'll provide a comprehensive audit of your current Google search and Analytics accounts.

  • Analytics configurations

    From planning through to implementation and testing, we provide advanced Google Analytics configurations

  • Tag Managers

    We work with your technical teams to ensure tag managers are integrated cleanly across your entire site or web app.

  • Analysis & optimization

  • Analysis and reporting

    We deep dive into your analytics to uncover actionable insights to drive real strategic value.

  • Attribution modeling

    Plan and allocate budget more effectively. Discover how each marketing channel is contributing to your success.

  • Conversion optimization

    From copywriting, user onboarding to A/B testing, we implement proven techniques to increase conversion rates.

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"James is an incredible performance marketer and always finds a way to hit difficult KPIs others gave up on."
Brandon Coakley
Digital Strategist, Google

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